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Keep yo’ han’ on-a dat plow
Hold on ! Hold on !

Nora, Nora let me come in
Do’s all fast’ned an’ de winders pinned
Keep yo’ han’ on dat plow
Hold àn! Hold on!

Nora said, “Ya lost yo’ track
Can’ plow straight an’ keep a-lookin’ back”…

If you wanna get to Heaven, let me tell you how
Just keep yo’ han’ on de Gospel plow

If dat plow stays in you’ han’
It’ll lan’ you straiht into de promised lan’…

Mary had a golden chain
Ev’ry link was my Jesus’ name

Keep on climbin’ an’ don’t you tire
Ev’ry rug goes high’r an’ high’r…

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History- Singers- Songs- Composers- Shop