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De Lawd, He thoughtHe’d make a man
Dese bones gwine rise again
Made ‘im outa mud an’ a han’ful o’ san
Dese bones gwine to rise again

I knowed it
Indeed I knowed it, brother
I knowed it
Dese bones gwine to rise again

Thought He’d ake a woman too
Didn’t know exactly what to do

Took a rib om Adam’ side
Made Miss Eve for to be his bride

Put um in a garden fine and fair
Tole um to eat whatever was dere

But to one tree they mus’ not go
Must leave de apples dere to grow

Sarpint quoiled around a chink
At Miss Eve his eye he wunk

First she took a little pull
Then she filled an apron full

Adam took a little slice
Smack his lips an’ say ‘twas nice

De Lord He spoke with a ‘ponstruous voice
Shook de world to its very jois’

“Stole my apples, I believe”
“No, Marse Lord; I ‘spec’ it was Eve”

“Out of this garden you must git
Earn you’ livin’ by yo’ sweat”

He put an angel at de do’
Tol’ um never come dere no more

Of this tale there is no mo’
Eve et’te apple and Adam de co’.


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